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Michelle has been baking since the age of 8, enjoying the time she spent in the kitchen with her mom and grandma. A lover of the artistic, creating cakes has been a perfect blend of her pas‍‍‍sions. She is excited to make cakes and to be a part of people’s life moments – creations that make people feel special and loved, and she is blessed by people’s trust in supporting those times in their lives. She founded Mama Shell’s Cakes in the wake of people raving about the beauty and taste of her creations.Michelle wants you to feel the same joy and warmth she does whenever she is invited to make custom treats for everything from birthdays to weddings to office parties!


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Mama Shell's Cakes

The Mama Shell’s Cakes prides itself on providing only the best quality baked goods, made with the finest and freshest ingredients, a good measure of creativity and a pinch of love.‍‍‍

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Mama S‍‍‍hell's C‍‍‍akes  
571 Gladstone Avenue Ottawa ON

Our mission at Mama Shell’s Cakes is bring you the finest baked goods to help your parties, events, and celebrations become that much sweeter. We spend the time to build a personal connection with you to make sure every cake, cupcake and sweet treat fits your vision for your event.We use only high-quality ingredients, along with a good measure of creativity and a pinch of love. All our goods are made from scratch and made to order. We aim to offer our customers nothing short of a delicious experience with every order, on time and on budget.W‍‍‍e look forward to celebrating every moment with you!