Welcome to Mama Shell's Cakes, one of Ottawa's top online bakeries!  We build a personal connection with all our clients, so that we can then bring your vision to life. Everything is made from scratch and always made to order. We strive to provide excellent customer service and aim to have all of our customers have their expectations exceeded with every single order. We look forward to helping you celebrate every moment!


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Mama Shell's Cakes

The Mama Shell’s Cakes prides itself on providing only the best quality baked goods, made with the finest and freshest ingredients, a good measure of creativity and a pinch of love.‍‍‍

Mama S‍‍‍hell's Cakes

571 Glads‍‍‍tone Avenue Ottawa ON

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Mama S‍‍‍hell's C‍‍‍akes  
571 Gladstone Avenue Ottawa ON